Clothing Alterations

Clothing Alterations (part 2)

Clothing Alterations (part 2) +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

Having a stylist is a luxury that not all people can afford. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to hire someone that will help you look more pulled together.

That’s why Freer, whose client roster includes everyone from Nickelodeon and Comedy Central actors to WWE entertainers and “In Living Color” Fly Girls, is a huge advocate for tailoring.

Freer has quite a few styling tricks up her sleeve, and now it’s easier for everyone to gain access to her straight-forward advice for cheap. Her new book “How to Get Dressed “gets to the nitty-gritty of revamping your wardrobe. +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

“If you really love the look of something, it’s always worth altering,” said Freer. “But this makes you get real with yourself: Do I truly love it? Or am I buying something that is just ‘okay’ out of habit or boredom? I have $20 pieces from Forever 21 that were altered that are the stars of my personal wardrobe lineup!”

Below is an excerpt from Freer’s book on eight clothing alterations she believes are totally worth it. in part one for Clothing Alterations read 4 first thing now you read second part.

  1. Add some darts.

“Darts are most commonly used in blouses to improve fit at the bustline, but can be just as useful to shape a pair of pants or a skirt. The tailor will space the two darts apart evenly, most likely placing them over the fullest part of each bum cheek. The darts will take in the most fabric at the waistband and go down to zero fabric at the point where your hips begin to widen. This alteration will likely run you about $20-$25. +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

“You can also use darts to slim down a boxy jacket. If you have broad shoulders, you may find that you need to buy your jackets a size or two up to have them fit well through the shoulders — but this almost always causes it to be too boxy through the waist. Ask your tailor to open up the jacket’s lining and add two darts at the jacket’s back, starting right behind the sleeves and ending just before the hem for about $40.”

Clothing Alterations
Clothing Alterations
  1. Slim down a sleeve.

“Cutting down a voluminous sleeve is another alteration that doesn’t cost a ton but makes a huge difference in how a garment looks. When a sleeve is too loose, it usually means the armpit is too big as well. Your tailor can take in anywhere from a half inch to a full two inches from the underside sleeve seam, going from the wrist all the way to the underarm and down into the side-boob seam to create a slimmed down, prettier shape. +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

“Your tailor may try to tell you that he or she needs to actually remove the sleeves from the garment to ‘properly’ take in the sleeve and underarm area, but the shortcut method outlined above is one I’ve used for years with great success — and sometimes all you really need is the fastest, least expensive way to get from point A to point B. Just make sure you can actually bend your arm at the elbow with the proposed sleeve alteration before the tailor stitches it up for good.”

  1. Taper a trouser leg.

“You obviously can’t make a pair of wide-leg pants into a legging with this alteration, but you can have your tailor easily trim a bit of excess volume along the garment’s inner and outer seams, resulting in a more flattering, streamlined silhouette.” +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

Fair warning: “Bringing a pair of pants in by more than about two inches often necessitates moving the pockets to a point where the whole thing just looks wrong. You may be better off just springing for a new pair that fits you better.”

  1. Replace a terrible invisible zipper.

“The zipper that will give you the most trouble in life is an invisible zipper, which is practically embedded into the garment, rendering the zipper — wait for it — invisible once zipped up! They are commonly found on better cocktail and party dresses. +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

“If you are asking your tailor to replace the zipper completely, you may need to provide them with the new zipper to ensure a perfect color and style match. This means a trip to the fabric store is in your future — and once you are there, spring for the very best zipper money can buy. Consider replacing plastic zippers with metal ones, as they are stronger and can take more of a beating. Be sure to bring the garment to the store with you so you aren’t left scratching your head, wondering which zipper is a better match. A replacement zipper is in the neighborhood of $8 to purchase, and a tailor will charge you about $12 to install it. +1 (619) 463-1855 Alterations El Cajon

“If you have a dress that’s just a few centimeters too tight (or every zipper you ever use breaks and gets stuck), you could also consider replacing your invisible zippers with a sturdier exposed zipper and treating it like a style detail.”


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